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MAC-POSTS is the abbreviation for Mobility Data Analytics Center - Prediction, Optimization, and Simulation toolkit for Transportation Systems. It is a mesoscopic traffic simulation library for dynamic network loading. This library is interface based and is friendly to new node/link/routing models.

The library mainly consists of three parts. One part is called component, which is the separated model such as dynamic node/link model, real-time routing model and so on. Each component has clear interfaces with other components, so we can implement each components with different actual models. Here are the components that we already implemented:

  • Node
  • Link
  • Routing

The second part is algorithm, the algorithms take the components as input and output corresponding components. The difference between component and algorithm is that usually component comsume memory and algorithm does not (when the algorithm finishes). Here are the algorithms that we already implemented:

  • All-to-one shortest path
  • Computing SO marginal cost

By combining different components and algorithms, we can develop complex transportation models. The types of models may vary a lot, and here are the models we implemented:

  • Dynamic traffic loading
  • Real-time DTA


We discuss components, algorithms and models in detail, we also provide basic instrutions on how to install the package.


  • Zhen (Sean) Qian
  • Wei Ma
  • Xidong Pi


This project is funded in part by Traffic 21 Institute, Carnegie Mellon University’s Mobility21, Technologies for Safe and Efficient Transportation (T-SET) and US Department of Transportation. The contents of this project reflect the views of the authors, who are responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the information presented herein. The U.S. Government assumes no liability for the contents or use thereof.

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